Youtube “Shorts”, the next TikTok after IG Reels


With TikTok’s continued expansion in terms of availability, tools, features, music, etc., older social platforms jump in to try to take over. After the spread of the IG Reels trends and updates around most of the regions, including the GCC, YouTube comes in with “Shorts”. 

After it was primarily launched in the USA, Shorts expanded to the UK, Canada, and Latin America. Alphabet, YouTube’s parent company, has reported that Shorts are recording up to 6.5 billion daily views, and YouTube announced a new $100 million fund to assist top Shorts creators and provide more incentive for Shorts posts. 

YouTube will continue to move forward with their latest addition, as they are witnessing high engagement rates in the launched regions and are driven by TikTok’s continuous success. They have also launched a bi-monthly report to share with creators to stay updated with the latest features, trends, tools, etc.  

After all, YouTube is one of the major music and video hubs globally and has been in the market for so long, giving them a massive opportunity to grow even more significantly. When do you think this newest edition will land in the GCC? Do you think it will have the same engagement as other countries, knowing that the GCC already has many YouTubers?  

Let us wait and see…  


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