Working remotely? Let’s do it right!


Whether you live alone in a calm environment or with family, friends, or with out-of-control children, you will notice that working from home is challenging when it comes to focusing on your responsibilities and remaining productive throughout the day.

However, a few simple tips might assist you in staying motivated and on schedule to complete all of your job duties.

1- Establish a proper workspace

First and foremost, most importantly, to get you in the appropriate frame of mind to work successfully, build a work environment free of temptations to sleep or be sluggish. That is why you must establish an ideal workstation!

For instance, a desk in your living room or an empty room in your house may be a more suitable alternative for your bedroom.

Pajamas and a comfortable seat on the bed or sofa can not replace your usual work attire, office desk, and chair in providing an ideal work atmosphere.

2- Make a clear schedule for your tasks

Second, consider it a goal to stick to a schedule in which you assign a time limit to each activity and then check them off when they are completed.

Because if you don’t have a well-organized weekday, time can slip away from you during the day and into the evening, resulting in missed deadlines.

3- Feel connected with your colleagues

Third, it is essential to remind yourself that you work in a company with colleagues.

Moreover, participate in daily Zoom calls to discuss projects, tasks, or check in on them, and remind yourself to engage with your employer or coworkers.

4- Give yourself some time off

Fourth, taking breaks throughout the day is necessary to stay productive and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Allow yourself to unwind during the day by taking a stroll with your dog, playing with your children, listening to music, or simply closing your eyes and meditating for at least 10 minutes.

Therefore, working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic is considerably difficult, with increased stress and interruptions from family members and household duties.

Our work from home tips might assist you in making the most of your new schedule. Try a few and you may discover that working from home is just as productive as working in an office!

by Sarah Lichaa Khoury


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