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Work process

Understanding of likes, ideas, wishes, goals and the scope of the project.
on competitive analysis, brand identity, color theory and user experience strategy.
create custom designs, buttons, images, videos and other graphics for the review.
convert graphic into custom pages using CMS, tracking tool integration.

Frequently asked Questions

What is your digital strategy?
We learn from website development best practices and great online websites in order to create a clear, crisp design that suits all your needs for a responsive website.
Why should we hire AtoZ Media SEO for design?
One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is thinking about design in a vacuum: “If the images look good and are easy to work with, what else is there to worry about?” In reality, high-quality design can help to drive content, improve organic marketing, create more buzz on social media and create points of reference for analytics data. Furthermore, a comprehensive approach to design is critical to making websites function as well as they look. Poor load times and high bounce rates will lead to penalties from search engines, even if your website boasts stunning visuals. Design on its own is not enough. That’s why it makes sense to trust a fully-fledged digital marketing agency like Eminent for your design needs.
Can’t I just build a free or cheap site?
Building a competitive, functional website that converts leads into customers is a tall order. Today’s websites must fully load in seconds, feature a fully optimized user experience, be consistent with Google’s ever-changing search engine guidelines and perform at full capacity on mobile devices. Not checking off every box on the list diminishes your brand in the eyes of your customers, exposes the site to penalties from search engines or both. No need to risk these major problems just to save a few hundred dollars on website development.
Who owns my site and where is it hosted?
As a rule of thumb, we prefer for our clients to retain as much control over their own assets as possible. If clients currently have hosting support, we are happy to work within the strategy laid out by the client. Alternatively, we can offer reliable hosting services. Even if a company retains our services over the long-term, they will still own their website (and any branded assets) outright. Any fees we collect once design is complete will be related to maintenance and marketing.

We’ve helped businesses develop a website that’s grown their online sales.

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