The Meta Pixel: What Is It And What Does It Do?


The Meta Pixel. What is it, what does it do, and how can it help boost your ad performance and sales? 

Meta Pixel, formally known as Facebook Pixel, is an analytical tool that allows you to track the activity of your website’s visitors. It is a piece of code that allows you to identify Facebook and Instagram visitors and observe how they engaged with the material on your website such as page views, product views, adding to cart, starting checkout, purchases, and more.

Each time someone visits your website, the pixel sends Facebook information on who is visiting and what activities they are performing. All of this information is encrypted and depersonalized, so only Facebook knows which people visited your website.

The information gathered may be used to target consumers with ads based on their interests, preferences, and online behavior. 

Meta Pixel is a vital piece of code that helps you monitor the effectiveness of your advertisements, making sure it’s seen by the right people, and driving up sales.

Meta Pixel communicates events with Meta when users engage with your business. Events fuel your Facebook advertisements, allowing you to target a more relevant audience, give a more personalized ad experience, and optimize your ad campaigns for better business outcomes.

Events occur as a result of either paid Facebook advertisements or organic reach (unpaid). There are two kinds of events: standard and custom.

Standard events are established activities that Facebook recognizes and supports across ad products.

Custom events are acts that do not fall under the purview of Facebook’s normal events. You may give them a distinct name to indicate the action that is taking place.

In some cases Meta Pixel might be inactive due to errors that may occur as a result of an event name missing, invalid value parameter, missing value parameter, missing currency parameter, or even duplicate events detected. Running a diagnostic test will help you identify the problem and solve it.

By Jihad Shamaa


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