Mall of Qatar was positioned as an ultimate shopping and winning destination. This was powered through the Mall’s weekly raffle draws, where every Thursday, a winner is chosen to win a luxurious car, and 10 winners are chosen to win 10 MOQ gift cards each.

The campaign’s aim was reflecting the mall’s value proposition in providing a great customer experience, care and service in return of increasing the Mall’s customer loyalty.
Mall of Qatar


The campaign’s focus was to position Mall of Qatar as the ultimate shopping and winning destination for families and visitors.

Main focus points:

• Increasing Mall of Qatar’s customer spends
• Highlight the ROI element among customers:
shop for an insignificant amount and get the chance to win a luxurious car (BMW or Mini Cooper) in return.
• Increase traffic to the mall
• Increase reach and number of followers


Social Media
Digital Campaign
Campaign Setup
and Management


Campaign Mechanism

Explaining the participation and draw entry process simply and straightforwardly to Mall of Qatar’s audience through the different social media platforms was a primary challenge. The campaign’s participation process was first communicated through each post’s captions and later on developed in an animated video.


The campaign’s primary message was to position the Mall of Qatar as the ultimate destination for shopping and winning. We used an inviting yet alarming tone, with a call to action like “Shop today!” to invite visitors every week to shop and participate in the weekly raffle draw and not miss out on their chance to win.

Campaign Awareness

To increase the campaign’s awareness and exposure all over Qatar, we contacted Qatar-based influencers to spread the word about the campaign on their Instagram and Snapchat platforms.


With social distancing and Covid-19 precautions being the new norm, it was essential to focus our message on inviting people to shop at the mall and exchange their coupons rather than promote the event and break the Ministry of Health’s guidelines.

Mall of Qatar
Campaign Details

Target Audience:
Expats & Residences in Qatar with middle to high incomes

Qataris, since the mall entails a luxury area of different cafés, restaurants and high-end luxury brands, in addition to Al Rayyan Hotel.

Families, other than it considered to be the mall’s biggest target audience, the presence of Al Rayyan Hotel makes it an easy target since it is a family-orieneted hotel and guests tend to spend their time mainly at Mall of Qatar
Target KPIs:
The campaign was running on 7 platforms with the below initial key performance indicators:

• Facebook & Instagram: 8,000,000 impressions
• Twitter: 1,500,000 impressions
• Snapchat: 1,300,000 impressions
• Google Search & Display: 4,000,000 impressions
• Programmatic Advertising: 400,000 impressions
• YouTube: 1,500,000 impressions
• Duration: October 1st – January 14th (3 months and a half)

Campaign Execution

Content Direction:
The content, set in a monthly calendar, highlighted event reminders, chances to win daily and grand prizes in raffle draws, shopping experience, sales, weekly raffle recap, etc.

The tone of voice: Cheerful, Lively, Approachable & Informative
Language used: 50% English & 50% Arabic
Videos Covered:

Video content remains to be the most appealing content format to the audience. Hence, our videographers produced different videos to cover the raffle draws, recaps, winner announcements, mall experience, prizes, etc.

Visuals Direction:
Building an identity for the campaign, a specific set of brand patterns, colors and shapes were used all throughout on the different visuals used to promote the event both on-page and off-page.
Digital Advertising
We ran massive 100% optimized online campaigns through different platforms and channels to reach our target audiences. Ads were running through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Mediatronic, and Google Search and Display.

Insights / Results:

• Facebook & Instagram: 10,000,000 impressions
• Twitter: 1,800,000 impressions
• Snapchat: 1,700,000 impressions
• Google Search & Display: 1,600,000 impressions
• Programmatic Advertising: 600,000 impressions
• YouTube: 2,000,000 impressions