What we did

Improved overall site architecture and navigation for website design to enable easy browsing and a smooth user experience. Each section is clearly defined, and the user-journey has been mapped and refined extensively resulting in a user-friendly and visually-appealing website.

The Context and Challenge

The existing website design was outdated and navigation was inconsistent throughout the pages, thus the challenge was to create a new website design that attracts customers and communicates brand value through an intuitive front-end interface, including designing more than 150 pages on a tight timeline.

The Process

We worked closely with the IBQ team to understand their industry from the ground up. Through a collaborative effort, we created a beautiful and responsive website layout for all pages that supported IBQs vision. Our site architecture accommodated all IBQ’s requirements, optimized user experience and
was scalable to allow for future growth.

IBQ – International Bank of Qatar
Website Development

The Solution

This case shows how a good digital campaign can grow an audience & engage the target while reinforcing brand values, all while standing out from the crowd during a high season where audience is already bombarded by a substantial amount of online & offline advertisement.

The Results

We created a web strategy that translated the core strengths into a true online version of the IBQ experience. The end-product offered a fresh new approach to present the brand as the top bank in Qatar.