Pearson Case Study


Client Brief:
Pearson is a leading educational, publishing, and assessment services company for individuals, schools, and corporations that creates dynamic and enriching digital learning experiences to drive real-life impact with a vision to become the world’s leading destination for committed learners, to build and prove their proficiency in English and other key languages.

Our team successfully managed Pearson’s digital campaigns from August 31, 2022, to November 30, 2022, executing a strategic approach to deliver the best results.

Conducted extensive research about competitors to maintain a high top-of-page rate.
Curated bilingual content including titles, descriptions, long descriptions, and headlines.
Allocated budget effectively to maximize performance
Continuously monitored and optimized to achieve the highest results.

Starting the first month of campaign execution, the “PTE” Search Volume increased by:

KSA Market: 56.49%
UAE Market: 50.88%
Egypt Market: 33.81%

The campaign achieved an overall conversion rate of 29% across the three countries.


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