Multi-Channel Marketing

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What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

To summarize, it’s the practice of using a number of direct and indirect channels to interact with prospects and encourage them to take an action in response. Preferably the response is to buy a product or service, but other actions, such as visiting your website and sharing your content are also important aspects to a well-rounded multi-channel marketing campaign.

The internet is a big place. Not all of your prospects are using the same tools, platforms and websites. If you want to reach your audience you need to identify where they are and how they like to engage with brands. The goal with multi-channel marketing is to give your prospects a choice and make it easy for them to engage with your brand and buy when and how they want to.

Traditional Marketing
TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor Sponsorship, Direct Mail, Catalogs, Magazines, Events
Brand Advertising
TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor Sponsorship, Display, Viral, Video, Native
Websites, Social Media, Display, Viral, Video, Native, Email, Affiliates, Retargeting, Webinars
Lead Generation, Social Media, Email, Affiliates, Retargeting, Webinars, Direct Mail, Catalogs, Magazines, Events

A to Z Media
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Traditional marketing channels like PR, TV ads and billboards work together with digital marketing like blogging, social media and website SEO to power today’s biggest brands.

Our agency develops a custom digital lead generation marketing strategy for all of our clients that enhances your traditional marketing, existing brand strategies and sales processes. Our custom suggestions incorporate the digital marketing channels that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line.