Instagram Business Account Vs Creator Account: Learn The Difference



Instagram today looks nothing like Instagram in the past. Remember the good old days when everyone had the same default account type and only posted casual photos? Well, not anymore! The world of social media is continuously evolving, and Instagram has been on a roll, testing new features for brands and individuals to capitalize on. Before you dig deep into all of that, you need to figure out one really important thing:  What should the type of your Instagram account be? Is it better to have a creator account or a business account? What’s the difference?  Which one will help you get the most out of your marketing strategy? In this blog, we simplify all you need to know about these account types to help you decide which one is best for you.

Instagram Business Vs. Creator Account: How Do They Differ?

To begin with, both can be used by brands, influencers, and individuals. However, it depends on what you’re looking to achieve and your marketing strategy.

Let’s go over both account types, shall we?

Instagram Business Account

This account type is equipped with multiple features that are ideal for brands and businesses. You might be asking yourself, “What are these features?”. With a business account, you can add additional call-to-action buttons that allow profile visitors to book an appointment, make a reservation, or contact customer service. 

Another useful feature is the ability to create an Instagram shop and sell directly from it. Assuming that you own a gold jewelry brand, you can add all of your available products to the Instagram Shop and tag them whenever you post about a particular piece. Users will be able to purchase items directly from the post, simplifying and shortening the buyer’s journey.

The ability to schedule posts is another advantage of Instagram business accounts. Business accounts can be linked to third-party platforms that help optimize specific Instagram processes. If you prefer manual posting, however, this feature isn’t necessary.

Ads can also be used to promote your posts in a business account. This can be extremely beneficial for businesses looking to reach a new audience, raise brand awareness, or increase the conversion rate.

Having said that, there is one major disadvantage that may radically alter your opinion on business accounts. the inability to use artists’ music. Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, Instagram business account users are unable to capitalize on the platform’s most popular music, limiting their ability to use reels effectively. If your marketing strategy is primarily focused on posting reels, the business account is not for you, my friend!

Instagram Creator Account

Instagram launched creator accounts to address the needs of content creators who do not necessarily run businesses, such as personal brands and influencers. The primary goal of these accounts is to build fan bases, share industry-related types of content, and become well-known public figures.

The ability to create paid collaboration posts and partnerships is the main and most important feature of the Instagram creator account. This feature opens doors for content creators to collaborate with brands or other parties to increase engagement rate and access a new audience.

Nothing speaks louder than numbers. Creator accounts provide a wealth of insights about the audience, post performance, enabling creators to better understand how good the content they are posting is.

Another feature available in the creator accounts is the ability to categorize messages into three different categories: General, primary, and requests. This method can help you prioritize your communication by sorting your messages.

Unlike the business account, which restricts your ability to use its music library, users with a creator account can rejoice, as they are eligible to get their hands on it fully. So, if you want to create reels using the most recent trends, a creator account is the way to go.


Which Account Type Should You Go For?

Instagram’s 2022 algorithm was heavily focused on reels. With static posts’ organic reach dramatically decreasing, reels were the go-to posting method to reach a large audience, and it’s not limited to only those who follow you. Instagram made it pivotal for everyone to use reels to go toe-to-toe with their rival, TikTok. Therefore, by ignoring reels and the limitations that business accounts have on this feature, the opportunity for growth is severely limited.

Choosing between a business and a creator account really depends on your overall Instagram strategy. It really comes down to those minor differences, which may be of great value to you or pretty insignificant. If you choose one today and you feel you made the wrong decision, there’s no need to worry, as you are able to switch your account any time you want and adjust your strategy accordingly! 


by Louay Shami



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