To attract a high number of followers, you need to add value to your Instagram page through the content you choose to post and the way you choose to communicate with your target audience.

By assessing what you need to post and what your audience awaits from you, you will be taking your first step in increasing your page’s exposure and engagement. From there, you can choose the tactics you need to add to your marketing strategy to reach your goals in a more efficient way.

This blog will address one of the best tactics for growing your audience, gaining their trust, and keeping them interested in what you have to offer:

Instagram Collabs.

What’s The Purpose Of Using Instagram Collabs?

Users on Instagram have the option to co-author posts with other accounts via ‘collabs’.

A collaborator can be identified by the original author (who has a public account) as any other account (public or private). If the request is approved, the post will appear on the profile of the cooperating account.

The Instagram Collab function also shares views, likes, and comments with both collaborators’ followers in the Instagram feed. The original creator, known as the post’s author, has the right to add or remove a collaborator at any time.


How can the Instagram Collab feature benefit you as a businessperson and/or a business?

This feature makes it easier for businesses to promote their products and services by collaborating with other businesses, influencers, and creators who share the same audience and niche. Instagram Collabs allows you to reach a new audience by partnering with creators and other businesses without blowing your marketing budget, generating traffic to your page, and enhancing your engagement rate through new followers, likes, comments, and shares.

In addition, it also has the advantage of letting both parties track the metrics to know how the post is doing without requesting the analytics from the collaborator and trying to analyze it based on the number of sales generated, engagement rates, and number of new followers.

Last but not least, businesses should be careful when dealing with creators and influencers. They should select those trusted by the public in order to establish a trustworthy brand-audience relationship.

How Can the Instagram Collab Feature Benefit You as a Creator?

The collaboration feature will help influencers open up to a larger audience and be known on a larger scale.

Influencers must stay up to date on new trends and services in order to keep their audiences entertained and expand their followers through their consistent presence on social media and honesty in all collaborations.


5 Ways to Use this Feature to Reach your Goals?

1-      Promote Your Business

It’s a great way to inform people about your business’s history, mission, values, and goals, and how you are working to achieve them in order to increase customer satisfaction.

2-     CSR Activities

CSR is an extremely effective marketing technique that may help you create a favorable brand image and boost client retention and loyalty. It is accomplished by raising awareness of social and environmental issues, showing concern for them, and continuously  trying to give back to society and improve it.

3-    Introduce A New Product

A well-known company can announce the launch of a new product in collaboration with an influencer, by making a video to review this new product or a picture of them using the product.

4-    Start A Trend Using Your Products Or Services As An Advertising Strategy

Because the internet is full of trends and everyone is interested in trying new things, it has become simple for brands to start a trend by creating a hack to entice people to try it out to see if it works or by showcasing a famous person using this product or service.

5-      Announce Brand X Brand Collaborations

Sometimes, when two big brands collaborate, they can break the internet by hyping people up. Now it’s easier for both brands to get equal exposure and engagement when posting about their big collaborations.

In conclusion, no matter what your goal is, there’s something for everyone to gain from this Instagram Collab feature. Both your and your collaborator’s accounts will gain more engagement, more followers, and more creativity while being exposed to a new audience that may be similar or slightly different depending on your product positioning and brand image. After that, it’s your job to keep your new audience interested and wanting to know more about you and what you’re up to.


by Elham Hamzeh


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