Google Cloud: Our Preferred Hosting Provider.

95% of the websites and applications developed by our team are hosted through Google Cloud to ensure 100% scalability, reliability, security, and speed. Its managed DNS service runs on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end-user products, such as Google Search, Gmail, file storage, and YouTube.
Google Cloud ensures a high level of redundancy. It has granular control over our servers where they can tweak our hosting environment, make customers’ sites up to 100% faster, more stable, secure, and completely isolated.
Google Cloud Platform allows us access to one of the largest networks in the world and ensures customers have less downtime as we can now utilize live migrations of virtual machines.

How is Google different from other Cloud providers?

Google-grade Security

The Google security model is an end-to-end process built on over 15 years of experience and focused on keeping customers safe on Google applications like Gmail and Google Apps. With Google Cloud, your applications and data take advantage of the same security model.

Global Network

Google’s backbone network uses advanced software-defined networking and edge-caching services to deliver fast, consistent, and scalable performance.

Advanced Security Tools

Google Cloud protects your data, applications, infrastructure, and customers from fraudulent activity, spam, and abuse with the same infrastructure and security services Google uses. Google Cloud’s networking, data storage, and computer services provide data encryption at rest, in transit, and in use. Advanced security tools support compliance and data confidentiality.

Other features of Google Cloud Platform include:

Scheduled Snapshots

Improved Performance

Dedication to Continued Expansion

Redundant Backups

Less Downtime

Dedicated Firewalls

Managed Backups

All PHP Apps Supported

SSD-Based Servers

Availability of Multiple Cloud Providers  

A solid and secure online presence through websites and applications is the future.


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