GCC Countries: A Hot Spot For Digital Marketing


Are you searching for an effective approach to strategically reach the GCC markets? Digital marketing is the key! In fact, it is the most reliable strategy to establish a market presence and build a strong consumer base, especially in the GCC countries. Why?

Social Media & Digital Devices Usage

The GCC has one of the highest rates of Social media users (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.) along with a notably high ownership of digital devices.
Let’s talk numbers.
If we take the UAE as an example, we find out that as of January 2022, it had an active social network penetration rate of 106.1%, which is the highest rate among all countries, according to Statista. Moreover, it had 5.25 million Instagram users in early 2022, as per Meta’s advertising tools.
As for KSA, 82.3% of the population are active social media users, which puts it ahead of many global markets.


E-commerce has one of the largest market shares in the GCC countries. The Gulf’s annual e-commerce growth through 2022 is on pace to be 33% or higher: 38% in the UAE and 39% in KSA, the region’s largest markets. That’s roughly double the global rate, as per MEASA E-commerce Landscape.
Subsequently, the e-commerce market in the region is forecast to significantly increase by 2025, as consumers across the region continue to shift towards online retail.

Digital Advertising Spend

With a total GDP of $3.464 trillion, the Gulf is considered one of the wealthiest markets in the world.
Digital advertising has developed rapidly in these markets in the past few years. The total digital ad spend in the MENA region reached $4.58 billion in 2021, with the biggest share of that spend targeting the GCC. Hence, programmatic advertising is on the rise, with a massive demand from multinational firms.

Supportive Policies

Political stability and strong economic growth distinguish the Gulf nations as one of the most dependable marketplaces.
In fact, the GCC’s governments and institutions are applying favorable policies for setting up businesses and encouraging investors.
For example, the UAE has launched a digital crowdfunding platform, DubaiNext, to help innovators and entrepreneurs of diverse nationalities start their businesses easily in the country.

To sum up, the GCC is a flourishing market driving digital marketing to the highest levels of excellence and competitiveness. Its boom in the region is being driven by strong internet penetration rates, high possession of digital devices, significant e-commerce growth, rising spending and improving business policies.
And now, is it easy, as it seems after reading this blog, to access the GCC market effectively on the digital level? Nope, it’s not a piece of cake… Hold on to the challenges!

By Lea Youssef


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