Fans in Russia got a taste of what to expect in Qatar during 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Football fans in Russia attending the 2018 FIFA World Cup are getting a taste of what’s to come in four years’ time, after the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC), the organisation responsible for delivering the infrastructure required for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, unveiled a host of activities in Moscow and St Petersburg that started on the 7th July until the 15th.

In partnership with its Qatar stakeholders, the SC will be hosting Majlis Qatar, a three-tiered pop-up space in the center of Gorky Park in Moscow, that resembles a Bayt Al Sha’ar – a traditional tent common throughout the Gulf region.

As one of the centerpieces of the campaign, the SC will also host the world’s first floating multimedia museum. Located on the Moskva River, near Gorky Park, museum visitors will be invited to travel to Qatar through an immersive multimedia show, where informational graphics on Qatar’s hosting plans will be projected on to walls, appearing to flow down into the river’s water.

Qatar-Russia Portals that use interactive technology have also been put up in selective regions of the city. Each portal shows you in real time what’s happening in both countries at selected locations.