Employee Satisfaction And Loyalty: The Key To Your Success



It is dangerous to think that your employees will stay in their jobs when the economy is slow and unemployment rates are high. So, how do you keep your star employees inspired, enthusiastic, and emotionally connected to their job?

Keeping in mind ways to retain your top performers and what benefits them the most is crucial. Here are two important tools that you can bet on that will maintain the happiness of your employees.

Building A Culture That Nourishes Mental Health

Having work meetings and asking “how are you?” creates meaningful relationships among teams. In addition, offering voluntary “mental health days” for employees to provide mental and emotional breaks from the stress of work allows your leading employees to rejuvenate, separate from sick days, vacation days, and holidays.

Noticing And Recognizing Their Wins

When an employee is not recognized for his/her work, it risks them losing their motivation. But when adequate recognition is prioritized, your employees’ motivation will grow, and they won’t feel the need to go search for a job elsewhere. Recognizing and rewarding employees in small doses every few days with positive feedback will keep them happy for a longer period.

Employees Solemnly Never Leave Their Jobs For More Money.

Usually, they leave their jobs if they are unsatisfied with their bosses, aren’t engaged, or feel like they aren’t learning. Giving notice to your employees at different levels and taking care of their mental health boosts engagement because happiness is contagious, how are you retaining your employees? 

by Nadia Mourad


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