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If you are not sending out strategic emails and company newsletters, you are missing out on a fantastic marketing opportunity. It doesn’t matter if your company has a developed email list or has just started collecting email addresses through your website, there is immediate value to putting more time and effort into your email marketing strategy.

Here at A to Z Media, we offer email marketing services to help you stay in constant contact with your prospects, supply them with enticing offers and share useful information about your company. A smart email marketing campaign includes great branding, impactful design, focused content and established tracking metrics. We can help you do it all.

Our Strategic Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing can range from a monthly company newsletter to a sophisticated lead capture and nurturing strategy with automated workflows targeting different types of buyers. Our agency can develop a custom email marketing strategy that is personalized for your existing list. Don’t have a list? No sweat.

We can also develop landing pages with gated offers. This approach helps you build up a contact list while simultaneously nurturing leads for future email campaigns. We can also develop content for other personalized emails such as special events, coupons and discounts, blog post notifications and other company news.


Deliver your marketing message right to your customer

Did you know that 91% of consumers check their email daily?

Email is a powerful channel of marketing that helps drive turn leads into customers.

Frequently asked Questions

It’s not strange to wonder if there’s a way around the complex process of building a reliable, responsive email list for marketing purposes. Why not just buy a list of emails and start firing off emails until you bring in a few leads?

The main reason your company would want to avoid simply buying an email list is because there’s no guarantee that these lists will grow. Only a fraction of the random individuals who receive the email will respond, and an even smaller percentage of these responders will be legitimate leads. Once your company runs out of funds, this approach to email marketing evaporates as well.

Growing a list of individuals who are interested in your industry and curious about your service is a better way to go. This organic approach focuses on building a community of interested consumers and connecting them to your company. This pool of potential customers will remain even after your marketing budget dries up, ensuring that these efforts reward your company with long-term value.

Your company recognizes the value of email marketing services, but you still aren’t sure exactly how the organic approach plays out. Here’s a quick sample of the many ways that AtoZ Media can help your company build an extensive email list:
Email marketing campaigns
Gated assets

By thinking outside the box, your company can think of all sorts of innovative ways to engage with customers and encourage them to share their email.

At the end of the day, the value of your company’s newsletter and email campaigns is tied to how much effort and resources were put into them. If your company is sending out emails or newsletters because it feels like an obligation, there’s a good chance that these updates are being sent to just a few loyal followers. In cases like these, the idea of a newsletter or email campaign seems less necessary.

On the other hand, property executed newsletters and email campaigns represent huge opportunities for companies to solidify their brand and interact with customers directly. These types of interactions can translate to major returns for your company. That’s why newsletters and email campaigns should be overlooked.

When it comes to measuring the impact of our email marketing services, we always prioritize results as the #1 measure of our performance. If we aren’t hitting the goals or metrics we set for the campaign, we begin to adjust and refine the messaging. Here are a few of the ways we evaluate the success of our email marketing campaigns:
Open Rates
Click Through Rates
Customer responses

Email marketing can generate leads for your business

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