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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Company Culture

Ever wondered how to describe or even set your company culture? Well, of course, you did at one point, and we’re sorry to tell you, but no, it’s not your company’s core values, neither its perks and benefits nor the set yardstick that you follow to measure your potential candidates.

The company culture goes far beyond these pillars. It needs to be set since it affects every facet of your business, from recruitment to retention to performance.  

Below are some of the significant key points that revolve around our A2Z Media culture. 



Just like our Managing Partner, Elie Charbel would like to describe it best, “We’re like a basketball team that is fighting for the cup”. With more than 100 employees spread across different countries, with some working in the office, others at home, and some through hybrid work, we play as one team from all departments, while committing to excellence, with one goal: winning!



“Family” is one of the very first and most common traits that any team member would say when describing the A2Z Media team. Just like any family, there’s always a ‘love-hate relationship’ between members. On the other side, you’ll always find a support system and a feeling of belonging, which makes us stronger. 




Another strong aspect of our company culture is the fact that the young spirit of the senior management is reflected down all the way to the newest intern or joiner. The continuous eagerness to learn about new technologies, methods, and best case practices, along with keeping up with the ever-growing digital trends and different industries, help the company’s growth and performance.



Now, it’s time for you to establish your company culture. However, make sure you always spread trust, push the team to learn, provide them with opportunities, stay positive and give positive feedback, and last but not least, be supportive. 

There’s no doubt that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. As a team, we face a lot of downfalls, yet the established culture helps us overcome them in the best way possible.

by Leen Kalo


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