The AIDA Model For Better Performing Carousels

    While browsing social media, the consumer’s mind is interrupted by hundreds of daily posts, making it critical to know how to capture their attention and make them scroll through our posts the way we want them to. This brings us to the significance of content and its types. Carousels have recently become one […]

Understanding your Client
Product Knowledge & the Story Behind the Business

    Have you ever thought how overwhelming dealing with a client can be? Nowadays, we likely tend to work on several brands without understanding their core and objectives which most of the times will make you feel overwhelmed as your ads could be going through several stages of approval. If you have been through […]

Meta Tags Explained

  What are Meta Tags? Simply put, Meta Tags are code snippets, specifically HTML codes, that do not appear to visitors while browsing but only on the source code page and are usually found at the top of the pages. The primary role of meta tags is to guide Google search engines and crawlers by […]

The Meta Pixel: What Is It And What Does It Do?

  The Meta Pixel. What is it, what does it do, and how can it help boost your ad performance and sales?  Meta Pixel, formally known as Facebook Pixel, is an analytical tool that allows you to track the activity of your website’s visitors. It is a piece of code that allows you to identify […]

Automatic Placement Ads: What? Why? Where?

  While preparing a Meta ad, the first thing that usually comes to the mind of advertisers is identifying the marketing message, design direction, visual headlines, and captions needed. While these steps are crucial for creating a solid ad that grabs the attention of the right people, two other factors are at many times overlooked, […]

The Battle Of Two eCommerce Giants: Shopify Vs Magento!

  Are you planning to enter the world of ecommerce? Do you want to make the most out of your online store? Feeling lost amongst the many features offered by plenty of platforms? Well, we narrowed your choices to only 2: Shopify & Magento, two of the most popular  ecommerce platforms today, with a main […]

Can Virtual Interactions Create Meaningful Relationships Through Digital Empathy?

  In today’s advanced world, we are already developing a more digitized future and casting light on individual avatars that will serve as the major players in our virtual future. But what about our intimate emotional connections? Can digital empathy foster meaningful relationships through virtual Interactions?   First, what exactly is Digital Empathy? The capacity […]

GCC Countries: A Hot Spot For Digital Marketing

  Are you searching for an effective approach to strategically reach the GCC markets? Digital marketing is the key! In fact, it is the most reliable strategy to establish a market presence and build a strong consumer base, especially in the GCC countries. Why? Social Media & Digital Devices Usage The GCC has one of […]

Job Descriptions and Roles: Obsolete in a Digitized Future?

  Finding the best candidates for a job opening might be quite challenging sometimes. This is where the role of a job description comes into fruition. It gives a better image of a job’s responsibilities, duties, related tasks, and skills. Thus, making the role clearer to the company before proceeding with the recruitment process and […]

S-Commerce and the Metaverse: Mix and Match

  Social Media has become acceleratingly dominant in the past decade, leading to a seeming integration between social media and shopping. And there it was: Social Commerce, commonly known as s-commerce. S-Commerce is any integration between social experiences and e-commerce transactions in a single path to purchase and is enabled by a platform, such as […]